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FTMK : To all FTMK students registered for BITU2913 Bengkel 1, please complete this form [Online form]

PPBI : MUET WORKSHOP SERIES 1 :: 20/9/2014 (SATURDAY) :: 8.00 a.m - 5.00 pm :: SEMINAR HALL, FTMK. Click here for details...

FTMK : Semua PELAJAR BARU (Degree, Diploma, Mobility & Pascasiswazah) boleh mengakses ULearn untuk tujuan Pengajaran & Pembelajaran (P&P) bermula hari ini. Sila gunakan Username : No Matriks dan Password : Nombor IC. All new students (Degree, Diploma, Mobility &Postgraduate) can access ULearn for Teaching & Learning (T&L) purposes start today. Use Username : Metrics Number and Password : IC Number / Passport Number

FTMK : Pendaftaran kelas CCNA terbuka pada semua pelajar FTMK. [Online registration]

FTMK : Jadual waktu semester 1 2014/2015 [By Lecturer] [By Group] [By Room]

Jadual Operasi Kaunter One Stop Centre UTeM Detail Information

Greetings from Talent Corporation! Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS 2.0) is now open for registration! For your information, GEMS 2.0 is aiming to enhance graduate employability to reduce talent shortage in key areas of the economy. It is a platform for fresh graduates to get engaged with the industry and get on-hand experience. Moreover, graduates will be provided with both generic and technical developments throughout the program. Fresh graduates can now apply for GEMS 2.0 at http://www.mygemsportal.com.my/. Need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Chloe Chan Pei Yee. DID: +603 8892 3848 |  Email:chloe.chan@talentcorp.com.my

FTMK: First Aid Kit and Emergency Response for FTMK staff and students More

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