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PBPI >> Dear students

We, at PBPI are trying to find ways to help UTEM's students to improve their performance in MUET. Your feedback on your problems with MUET and suggestions on how we can help you to improve your MUET are greatly appreciated. Please go the link below and give us your responses. We really hope that you could respond to the survey before 1 December, 2014.  It will only take a few minutes. Thank you



FTMK >> [new post 19/11/2014] - PSM1 (Sem 2 2014/2015) : Seminar PSM untuk 3BITS, 3BITD, 3BITI, 3BITM, 3BITE and 3DIT. KLIK DISINI UNTUK MAKLUMAT LANJUT.

FTMK >> [posted 10/11/2014] - Peluang kerjaya dalam IT: Junior Web Developers (for Final year/recently graduated students). Click here for more details.

FTMK >>    [posted 07/11/2014] - Bengkel 2: Taklimat Penyediaan Poster untuk semua pelajar BITC, BITD, BITI dan BITS. KLIK DISINI UNTUK MAKLUMAT LANJUT.


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